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24–25 January 2017

About 50p

50p is a conference that aims to familiarise people with the whats and hows of the online payment ecosystem in India. Who are the players in the landscape? What are the risks associated with online payment gateways and wallets? Are non-cash transactions really secure? What regulations and policies to companies creating payment gateway products need to be aware of? How do you bridge the gap between developers and businesses in the field? What are the various SLAs that need to be navigated around? What was the effect of demonetization on the Indian economy?

There are three tracks for the conference: identity and fraud, how payment systems work, how cash works.

Who's speaking

Our speakers are a mix of creators of payment gateway systems, developers who incorporate security features, veterans in the field of credit and debit card transaction systems, startups that integrate their gateway with online shopping carts, expert bankers, and more. These are people who speak from years of experience, failures, successes, and expert legal knowledge.

Who's attending

Attendees are typically a mix of people who: work in the space, want to make the switch to working with financial systems, are interested in security of an app that would deal with payment transactions or are interested in understanding all the basics around payments being made online.

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Sponsoring HasGeek events gives you an incredible opportunity to tap into an active and engaged tech-focused audience in the startup ecosystem, giving your company unprecedented brand exposure.

Your brand is visible to those in the ecommerce and payment gateways space. Most of our attendees are people who work in the area and care about technology and facilitators of digital payment systems.HasGeek conferences have also always been very conducive to companies scouting for talent.

Your sponsorship also gives you the unique opportunity to:

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The logistics of the conference itself - wifi, videos, communication etc is as good as it gets. Kudos to your guys for running such a high quality data conference overall.

Regunath B on The Fifth Elephant 2016

Principal Architect at

The conference was wonderfully organised, the attendees and speakers were a joy to interact with and we were very happy in partnering with HasGeek.

Aparna Sridhar on droidconIN 2016

Course Manager, Udacity

Between refreshing new lessons, business leads, potential hires and the sheer energy of the talent present at the conference, I think it was money and time well spent, even for an early stage startup as ours. We sent 11 members of our team including interns, and I'd do it all over again without thinking twice! This is the standard of discourse we should try and maintain across any conference or event we organize, these guys at HasGeek have a thing or two to teach the rest of our tech ecosystem.

Ashwini Asokan on The Fifth Elephant 2016

Founder and CEO, Mad Street Den

Droidcon was a great experience, with so many developers to learn from and meet. Conferences like these give you so many perspectives to look at. The most awaited part for me at the Droidcon was the Women In Tech panel discussion. We need to get more women talking about the challenges they face and how they overcome it.The conference had the Child care facility. You need to be very sensitive to think of something that is so important to parents attending the conference.

Dhatri Misra on droidconIN 2016

Developer Evangelist, PayU


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