A new conference on
building India's payments ecosystem

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, Mumbai

8 July 2017

The payments space in India is evolving rapidly and it is important to know the state of the industry. The focus on digital payments is clear now. The government is actively pushing digital means of disbursal of benefits with Direct Benefit Transfer, the National Bill Payment Service and more. Tolls are set to become faster and have lesser waiting times with the use of digital payment systems. Peer to peer payment systems are getting quite the traction. The ecommerce industry is benefiting from the shift to electronic payment means and is seeing a rise in online purchases. Multiple forms are promising to revolutionize payments for everyone. The industry is also moving towards other forms of payments such as microlending, brokerage, and crowdsourcing. The focus on digital footprints and privacy is more important than before. With the data flowing through multiple nodes before it reaches the payment systems, there is a risk of the data being compromised. Payment systems are also regarded as critical infrastructure and can cause much bigger effects with even a small breach. We are currently looking for talks and workshops involving payment services, banks, financial institutions, early stage startups, government agencies and If you’re someone who is working in the payments industry and have deployed solutions for your app or service, we are accepting submissions for the first edition on 8 July, 2017 in Mumbai.

Who should attend this conference?

  • Programmers and developers working on integrating payments or working on payment apps.
  • Product, Tech and Architecture teams from financial institutions such as banks
  • Founders, CTOs and CEOs from Startups
  • Developers from Government & associated agencies such as the NPCI, NITI Ayog
  • Product Managers and architects from IT service companies and consultancy firms
  • Product managers and founders from payment verticals like wallets, payment banks, micro lending, finance apps etc
  • Security tech and architecture teams working on payment system security
  • Teams working on the architecture of banking systems and the future roadmap
  • Teams working on new technologies like Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • Data scientists and analysts working with large volumes of transactional data
  • Systems engineers and architects working on resilient payment infrastructure

What you should expect from the first edition?

The first edition of 50p, our payments conference was held in January 2017 and had attendees from multiple disciplines such as lawyers, developers, policy advocates, activists and banking personnel. Building on the traction that digital payments has gathered over the past few months, this conference is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and enthusiasts on the latest in developing for payments services.

This is a single-track conference consisting of talks, Birds of Feather (BoF) sessions and demos.

Speakers will include practitioners and managers who have had experience working in the payments ecosystem – including working with governments, regulatory bodies and banks, and creators of technology solutions and products for payments.

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Vidyalankar School of Information Technology,
Vidyalankar Educational Campus, Vidyalankar Marg,
Wadala (East), Deen Bandhu Nagar,
Phone: 022-24161126


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